I'm Ra. I like playing music, making dumb cartoons, cooking, and irritating my dog. I consider myself a jack of all trades and a master of Mario Party 1. I started in med school and switched to creative once my paintings started selling. Eventually, way in the future, I want to art direct film or animation.


Foot Glide

Foot Glide anti-blister balm by Body Glide protects your feet from those worn, rough, and stiff spots that make your favorite shoes a pain to wear.


AriZona Iced Tea

AriZona's iconic design, flavor, and 99 cent price tag are three things you can AlwayZ depend on, no matter where you are in the universe.



Finding a helmet that was both well-designed and well-engineered was like finding a unicorn until recently. POC is one of the leading brands in both categories.



Taxes are a waste of your precious free time, as well as paper. Let TurboTax handle the legwork so that you can focus on the finer things in life.