Body Glide

is a family of anti-chafing products popular with athletes. We aim to market it to the average person, starting with the FOOT anti-blister balm.



Ads highlight which areas of each type of shoe are notoriously uncomfortable. They will be placed next to displays of the corresponding shoe and the product will be sold alongside them.


Chafe Race

Participants in this charity race will be required to wear uncomfortable shoes i.e. heels, flip flops, clown shoes, etc. Body Glide will be handed out at various points along the race, high placers will win complimentary foot rubs, and proceeds will go to the charity of the winner's choice.


Body Glide MINI

Body Glide MINI is for people who don't carry bags or have the pocket space for the full sized product. MINI is no bigger than a tube of lip balm and comes with a detachable keychain so you'll never be stuck with the chafe!


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Concept by Rahul Noronha and Marija Lazarevic. Art direction and design by Rahul Noronha. Copy by Rahul Noronha and Marija Lazarevic