AriZona Iced Tea

has remained unchanged for decades in terms of design, flavor, and price tag because if it ain't broke, why fix it? The aim of this campaign is to emphasize brand reliability by imagining a universe where no matter what planet, timeline, or dimension you're on, AriZona remains constant.


The ads are designed to be colorful, playful, and with minimal actual advertising in order to appeal to AriZona's younger, more imaginative, and laid back demographic. They will be stuck to lamp posts, halfpipes, vending machines, or anywhere that you'd expect to see a band poster or street art.


The Refuturator

This is a futuristic vending machine that will be placed in gas stations. It features popular drinks from different planets and dimensions. "Alien currency" will be given away at promotions and in the street and can be used to purchase these promotional drinks for a limited time. Otherwise, a good old fashioned AriZona is always available for 99 cents.

Concept by Rahul Noronha, Jesse Simon, and Miles Johnson. Art direction and design by Rahul Noronha. Copy by Rahul Noronha, Jesse, Simon, and Miles Johnson.